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Educating | رسالة التعليم

Young children in schools are the next generation who will carry on the torch of human intellect into tomorrow's societies. They will extend civilization in terms of human values, human reason, human knowledge, and human sensitivity. Consequently, educating them is a vocation of great significance in its far-reaching effect on the future and its development. This mission requires competent school teachers and administrators, committed not only to overseeing the young children up-raising and skills development, but to also doing it with a whole-hearted devotion to its actualization as a very special and unique profession. This profession requires a positive and responsible attitude towards helping the child achieve required goals and objectives and reach his or her potential. This also requires commitment to continuous teacher professional development thru actively keeping up with research and pedagogy, contemporary technology, and subject matter discoveries and updates. Mostly, it requires self-discipline for up-bringing by-example, offering young children extra miles of care as everyone else has placed their trust in that "Glorious Educator". After all education is and will always be a primary mission of the human conscience.

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